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2018 Sunset Vision Workshop

“Reminding Our Generation”

Early Bird and Keynote Sessions

Wednesday, January 24

Reminding Our Generation of God’s Great Power – Jim McGuiggan

Thursday, January 25

…God’s Great Power in the Cross – 1 Corinthians 1:18 – Truitt Adair


…God’s Great Power to Create All Things – Jeremiah 32:17 – Jeff Jenkins

Flawed, Fractured, but Still Family, Part 1 – Thomas L. Thomas

13 Reasons Why We Need Hope, Part 1 – Nathan Burrow

13 Reasons Why We Need Hope, Part 2 – Nathan Burrow

World Bible School: New Tools to Reach New Generations – Bill Colwell

Generation Deaf (Past & Present) Colossians 1:24:29 – Mark Lowenstein

Mission America – Chris Swinford

Soveriegn in Suffering – Jeff Lane

Reaching a Lost Generation, Part 1 – Jarrod Williams

…God’s Great Power to Defend His People – Exodus 14:14 – Billy McGuiggan

The Relation of the Kingdom to the Church, Part 1 – Ed Wharton

…God’s Great Power to Save His People – Zephaniah 3:17 – Thomas L. Thomas