Finance/ Administration

Jim Thompson

  • Manage bank accounts
  • Record regular and building fund contributions
  • Prepare and monitor annual budget
  • Prepare financial statements for bank
  • Mange cost accounting program
  • Mange Form 941 tax deposits



Mike Yudizky

  • Help provide for the needs of our existing church family
  • Benevolence to outside requests:
    • Arms of Hope, Hickory Square, Sr Citizen Homes, Holiday Food / Toy Drives
  • Bereavement - flowers & food
  • Youth Service Projects

Building & Grounds

Mike Hobson

  • Maximize the use and efficiency of the building
  • Building & general maintenance



  • Planning / organizing seminars & workshops
  • Equipping evangelism / involvement for service and involvement
  • Coordinating classes for new converts

Consecration & Education

Jason Blackmon


James Hill, John E. Taylor & Jason Blackmon

Adult Education Chairman, Youth & Children Education

Chip Langston

  • Provide an age appropriate comprehensive curriculum at all levels
  • Teach children & teenagers how to apply biblical principles to life
  • Equip teacher with knowledge and methods for transformational learning


Garry Hawes & Clay Doughtery

  • Create guidelines for Landmark"s approach to its mission work
  • Provide ongoing communication to the congregation


John E. Taylor & Chad Hill

  • Eliminate or minimize the risk of physical threat to our church family
  • Develop a quick reaction force to contain any possible physical threat
  • Practice effective and timely communication with the congregation and outside agencies
  • Establish and deploy a healthcare team to execute lifesaving measures when medical emergencies arise.


Mike Hobson &

Mike Yudizky

  • Provide communion to shut-ins
  • Provide transportation to church, doctors, shopping
  • Provide morning & evening visits
  • Provide handyman repairs & lawn maintenance
  • Schedule quarterly fellowship hall meals
  • Provide monthly activities, concerts, plays and games

Special Events

Chad Hill

  • Coordinate church events


David Lyon & Clay Doughtery

  • Offer technical support
  • Ensure equipment operates correctly
  • Update website & Facebook
  • Maintain & add new technology
  • Cross train member on church equipment


John Burkhart
  • Select members to serve in the worship service
  • Ensure the worship service is well organized
  • Provide timely communication & announcements