Resources for your considerations

Sunset International Bible Institute

SIBI has many free resources available for viewing, listening or downloading.

Many of those resources can reach through their “Sunset Digital Library & Resources” web page.

They also have mobile apps available through iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Roku Channel Store that give users access to almost every class, message, and sermon delivered at Sunset which has been recorded.  In addition, many printed study guides and outlines will be available for reading.

Does God Exist:

(The website that corresponds with the seminar DOES GOD EXIST )Articles, booklets, children’s info, videos, etc. Great resource.

World Video Bible School (WVBS):

Free Online Bible School and Free Online Audios and Videos

Marriage Helper

A great web site resource for marriages. Good articles on just about every conceivable issue from a biblical point of view. Videos & phone help line also.

Church of Christ Preaching   aka Main Street Church of Christ

  • World Wide Radio Broadcast
  • Feeding the Poor
  • Audio and Video Sermons
  • Lots of other resources

Links:  or

Article on Discipleship

Are you a Christian or a Disciple?  Is there a difference?  Why it matters.

By Thomas A. Tarrants, III, D.Min.

Books for your consideration

"The Case for Christ" - Lee Strobel

"The Case for faith" - Lee Strobel

"The MAN" - Michael S. Corcoran

Michael S. Corcoran illustrated and
wrote the book “The Man”. He
describes the book as “the story we
are commanded to take to the world,
and why.” The book is written on a
child’s level. “The sooner we can
get them to know him from whom
our blessings flow, the sooner they
can start to live and glorify GOD in
this life and the next.” The book is
available at Barnes & Noble,
Amazon, and ITunes.


"YOUVERSION" is a really good and free Bible App. to download and install on your phone.